Comprehensive DAF Service Facilities

Lakeland Trucks have a fully equipped workshop offering 3 bays extending to 20 metres for HGVs, LGVs & PSVs.

We can service any vehicle from LGVs to HGVs & PSVs and can provide you with full inspection and a service maintenance planner so you can ensure you are up-to-date and legal.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment including DAF DAVIE 4 & DAVIE XD along with the latest JALTEST Diagnostic equipment.

With every vehicle inspection we offer loaded roller brake testing. When performed by a member of our team, brake testing allows our technicians to calculate the exact level of performance of your brake system and diagnose any faults found within, giving them the platform to effectively and efficiently pinpoint the area that needs to be serviced or repaired to get you safely back to work.

All roller brake testing work is carried out within our 6,000 sq ft fully equipped workshop.

All our technicians are DAF trained and IRTEC qualified.

Comprehensive DAF Service Facilities

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